Christina G. Kane, MD

Christina G. Kane, MD

Areas of Expertise

Comprehensive orthopaedic care for

• Bones
• Joints
• Tendons

From champion athlete to orthopaedic and sports medicine surgeon

Orthopaedic Surgeon Christina Kane, MD, provides comprehensive orthopaedic care for all illnesses and injuries that affect bones, joints, tendons and all of the body’s structures that help people keep moving to preserve healthy lifestyles.

That’s partly because Dr. Kane is an athlete herself who once considered a career as a high school or college track and field coach before opting instead for orthopaedic surgery. Nonetheless, she has managed to include sports in her daily office practice. With a subspecialty in sports medicine, Dr. Kane is now among the clinical leaders of the BHS Sports & Wellness program, where athletes of all ages and abilities find expert treatment for injuries that threaten to put them on the sidelines.

“I was an athlete all throughout high school and college,” she said. “I was always involved in team sports.” In fact, Dr. Kane is a four-time New England champion in track and field, and a 16-time All-New England athlete.

After college, Dr. Kane spent some time in a research lab which confirmed her belief that she would rather work with people. “I pretty much knew from my first year that I would go into orthopaedics,” Dr. Kane continued. “I loved the operating room. And I also loved how you could see, relatively soon, the results of your work in a better quality of life for your patient. That, in conjunction with my history in sports, led me to specialize in orthopaedic surgery with sports medicine as a subspecialty.”

A graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Dr. Kane received her medical degree from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, and completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at New England Baptist Hospital. During her fellowship, Dr. Kane provided sports medicine care to the Boston Celtics and varsity teams at Harvard University.

“My philosophy of care revolves around the fact that no two patients are alike,” she said. “Every patient needs an individualized treatment plan. I try to focus on the needs of each one and treat them in a way that enables them to get back to the kind of life they want to lead. Whether it’s a highly-competitive college athlete at the peak of his or her performance, or an older patient who wants to be able to walk around the block again, every patient deserves individualized treatment plans and goals for recovery and personal growth.”

Born and raised in Springfield, MA, Dr. Kane said she was hoping to settle in Western Massachusetts and was attracted to Berkshire Orthopaedic Associates and the BHS Sports & Wellness program. “This is a wonderful opportunity for me to help build a sports medicine practice,” she said. “It’s great to be here.”