Anesthesia & Pain Management

Major advances in anesthesia, as well as an integrated focus on pain management following surgery, are among many new advances associated with orthopaedic surgery that are encouraging more and more people to have the procedures they need to relieve pain and maintain active lives.

Today, board certified anesthesiologists at Berkshire Medical Center and Fairview Hospital have designed state-of-the-art programs specifically for orthopaedic surgery that include local, regional and general anesthesia. Working in close collaboration with the surgeon and patient, our anesthesiologists provide excellent care for our patients during their procedures.

Their expertise continues following surgery, when anesthesiologists play a major role in managing pain. This critical step ensures that our patients can begin to move comfortably as soon as possible following their surgery to help their recoveries.

Sciatic nerve blocks, femoral nerve blocks and extended-duration nerve blocks are among the components of an integrated program of pain management that bring multiple days of relief immediately following surgery and enable our patients to get up and start moving.


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