Orthopaedic Physicians Assistants

Highly trained medical professionals working closely with surgeons to deliver fast-response care to orthopaedic patients

BOA Physician Assistants BOA Physician Assistants

Together, they greatly increase access and response time for orthopaedic care within Berkshire Health Systems– a major benefit for the growing number of area residents needing orthopaedic consultation and treatment. Whether it’s an accident or sports-related injury, a recurring hip, knee or shoulder ailment or any other type of bone and joint issue, patients can expect same-or-next-day service for emergent cases and prompt appointments for other referrals and direct calls.

Nine Orthopaedic Physician Assistants, together with eight Orthopaedic Surgeons, lead the team of professionals providing orthopaedic surgical and treatment services to patients at BMC and Fairview Hospital.

One of those Physician Assistants, Joseph Kotelnicki, says he and his colleagues are proud to be able to bring not only a higher level of medical care, but a close, one-to-one connection with every patient that comes through the system.

“Each of us works under supervision of one of the seven physicians on staff here,” explains Kotelnicki. “We’re fully trained to perform many of the same functions they perform, and we confer with them on each and every case. In that way, our team of doctors and PAs is able to treat more people far more quickly, with a highly personalized level of care.”

The addition of the PA group at Berkshire Orthopaedic has proven so successful that patients routinely schedule appointments directly with a PA, knowing they will be seen sooner and have a consultation and examination with a highly qualified orthopaedic professional. If joint replacement or another type of surgery is needed, the patient’s case moves directly to the surgeon, of course, while the PA continues to provide pre- and post-surgical treatment.

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